Buckinghamshire Council’s overarching commercial direction for the Buckinghamshire Enterprise Zone is to:

  • develop and grow the current high skills base;
  • develop indigenous industrial/research strengths;

  • support natural growth in population and housing numbers;

  • support the number of imminent infrastructure developments in the region to deliver significant growth;

  • to create jobs – over 5,500 skilled positions;

  • to support productivity improvements in the high-performance technology / motorsport; space propulsion / satellite communications and environmental engineering: agri-food / human health sectors.

Enterprise Zone status is unlocking further significant private and national government investment in the three sites, including agencies such as the UK Space Agency, and Satellite Applications Catapult who have already invested significantly in the Westcott site.

Whilst Buckinghamshire is the highest ranking ‘significant rural’ innovative region in the whole of the economy, it has also historically been characterised with the highest proportion of firms with low levels of employment growth, the highest proportion of out-commuting, and the third lowest level of new commercial office floor-space development.

For key statistics of the three Enterprise Zones sites please click here